Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This Way..Thurs-Way #15

While driving with friends on a back country road I noticed this abandoned old pool hall and had my friend turn around. I think the Please Honk For Assistance sign is what caught my attention.


Ebie said...

I love it! It put a smile on my face. People can be creative with signs. Have a safe 4th!

Terry said...

Great colors together the blue and orange they realy stand out ,
as well as the Honk for assistance sign:)
You are so observant
Great photo.
Thank you for sharing .
Your blog is so cool :)
Have a fabulous 4th of July .
Happy Trails

Greyscale Territory said...

Now that "honk sign" is different but it makes quite logical sense if you are disabled! Great photo!

Martha said...

Well that sure is different!

imac said...

Well captured, how long were you honking

Pacey said...

It is that sign that really catch the attention. So you mean wheelchairs have beep-beeps there? LOL.