Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Weekend Memoirs (OWM) #1

Went over to Punta Gorda (Florida) this morning to photograph the 20 or so murals they have around town. I'm posting this one and you'll notice (if you click on the photo to enlarge) the time and temperature above the mural and that doesn't take into effect the humidity we have down here! Punta Gorda has built itself back up since Hurricane Charley hit there on Friday the 13th in August 2004. We didn't move here until about 6 weeks later.


Ebie said...

Ha,ha, my friend, thanks. Yes, that is as hot as it is here, but not much humidity. Thanks for joining and I hope to see you around, with more murals. I love murals too.

SmilingSally said...

My brother lives there and lost his house.

BTW: Lake Placid (just below Sebring is famous for its murals.

Sunshine4Life said...

Interesting murals!

Wish you a nice day in spite the heat.

Thanks for playing this week.

opsss..u forgot to put up the meme widget. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very nice mural!

My entry to OWM is now posted HERE. Happy weekends!

Martha said...

I see you made it over there. Do you know I've never been to Punta Gorda - silly aren't I? You'll have to give me the tour one of these days. It was way to hot yesterday for anything but the pool!

Pacey said...

This is a beautiful mural Vicki. Great post and hope to see more. My OWM is at my food blog:
Mag Inato Ta!

Shey said...

Fascinating murals steeped with a lot of history. Nice shot.

Have a happy week! :)

MsRay said...

I just moved to Florida and haven't been around much yet. I hope I can also visit the places you featured in your blog.